Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 19, 2007

Toronto FC 1 - 2 DC United

Disappointing game today. Was fairly even, and I think a draw would have been fair. Especially seeing how they had the ref in their pocket all game long and we still almost eked out the point. Oh well, on to the shots!

best fans in the league

the man, the legend...Danny Dichio

Esky and Perkins

A fan, watching on

Dichio chasing Erpen

Edu, having a go

Goldthwaite chasing Moreno

Not exactly popular, Perkins...

O'Brien, giving 'er

Did I mention that O'Brien likes to shoot?


...led to this.

Super Sutton!

Wynne, in happier times

Wynne getting destroyed

Class act, lads

Did I mention our fans kick ass?

Eskandarian's first goal for Toronto FC

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