Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 17, 2007

Toronto FC 4 - 0 FC Dallas

Great win by the boys, thoroughly working over the best team in the league. Let's hope we can take this kind of form onto the road where the atmosphere won't be quite as boisterous as it is at BMO.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

June 2, 2007

Toronto FC 2 - 1 Colorado Rapids

Interesting game today. It seems like whenever we play at home, we really play two games: one versus the other team, another against the ref. Some pretty ghastly refereeing today, but what can ya do? We outplayed Colorado for the first half, and though they technically outplayed us for the second, it was never huuuugely close. A couple near chances for the Rapids near the end, but no real sustained pressure. Oh well, 3 points are 3 points, and I'll take it!


"TFC Reject" Conor Casey

Chased into the corner

Yeah...I'd be running too

Another corner rundown

That does noooot look comfortable



...led to this. It looks like a save, but it was Colorado's only goal of the game

Jumping catch by Colorado 'keeper Coundoul

Little does the Colorado defender now, but Wynne's about to nutmeg him for TFC's first by Dichio

Karate kick!

Yeah...that pretty much sums up the quality of refereeing today