Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 19, 2007

Toronto FC 1 - 2 DC United

Disappointing game today. Was fairly even, and I think a draw would have been fair. Especially seeing how they had the ref in their pocket all game long and we still almost eked out the point. Oh well, on to the shots!

best fans in the league

the man, the legend...Danny Dichio

Esky and Perkins

A fan, watching on

Dichio chasing Erpen

Edu, having a go

Goldthwaite chasing Moreno

Not exactly popular, Perkins...

O'Brien, giving 'er

Did I mention that O'Brien likes to shoot?


...led to this.

Super Sutton!

Wynne, in happier times

Wynne getting destroyed

Class act, lads

Did I mention our fans kick ass?

Eskandarian's first goal for Toronto FC

Home Opener - April 28, 2007

BMO Field - April 28, 2007
Toronto FC - Kansas City Wizards

This is Section 112, the Red Patch Boys. Didn't get any shots of the actual game; far too busy chanting and cheering.

Final Score : TFC 0 - 1 Kansas City

The First Post

This is going to be a photoblog about the Toronto MLS team, Toronto FC.

I've started this a bit late, as we're 7 games into our inaugural season (and 3 games into our 'home' season), but better late than never. I'm a season ticket holder for TFC, and can make it out to most games. I take the shots you see here from my seat in Section 112 (Row 15, seats 7+8) of the always-awesome 'South End.'

Schedule-wise, I'll be out to most of the games this summer; only missing a couple Wednesday matches. However, I go to school at UWO, so after the DC United game on Aug. 28, I'll be AWOL for the rest of the season. BUT! Then my degree's finished, so next season (and any more after that), I won't be missing a game.